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“Mediateca delle Marche”, M.d.M., (Local Goverment Association of Arts and Culture among Marche Region, Province of Ancona and Municipality of Ancona) is working since 20 years, realizing an ongoing activity of promotion, organization, diffusion of materials and events, giving a significant contribution to the constant debate on the use of the communicative languages and on the present future of new medias.

Since 1995 it issues the series “I quaderni della Mediateca” (“The Notebooks of Mediateca delle Marche), instruments of information and documentation of the main forms of its own activity. It also issues two other series “I Cataloghi della Mediateca” (“The Catalogues of Mediateca” ) and “I Prodotti Multimediali della Mediateca delle Marche” (“The Multimedia Products of Mediateca delle Marche). Since 2006 it also issues a scientific series, “La collana scientifica della Mediateca delle Marche (“The Scientific Series of Mediateca delle Marche”).

It coordinates festivals and video-cinematic exhibitions which are made on the regional territory, it makes meetings with autors and moments of promotion of the Festival’s activity and of the video material shown in the various editions, and it collaborateswith the Italian University Athenaeums for the realization of seminars, exhibitions and trade issues.

In 2002 the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities (MiBac) introduced M.d.M. into the “Progetto diffusione e conoscenza materiali multimediali della Regione Marche” (“Project diffusion and knowledge multimedia materials in the Marche Region”), which follows the lines of the Action Plan Mediateca 2000 Centre-North. In 2003 Marche qualified Mediateca as educational centre, and in 2004 MdM started the multi-year cataloguing plan of the work of Mario Giacomelli. M.d.M. also realized and still manages the web portal “Marche Cinema”, which offers everything regards the cinematic culture of the regional territory.

Since 2007 Mibac also assigned M.d.M. to preserve the Legal copy of every audio and video document produced in Marche Region territory.

for further information: mediateca.marche(at)regione.marche.it

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